4C For Charity-frequently-asked-questions

What is the difference between each ecard range?
Our three ecard ranges offer different levels of animation and interactivity in corresponding price brackets. The Silver range opens on screen like a physical card, the Gold range consists of various animations, and the Platinum range cards are more detailed and interactive.
How many ecards can I choose from?
We currently offer 50 Platinum & Gold Range cards, and over 100 Silver Range cards.
How do I order ecards?
Simply click BUY NOW on the ecard of your choice, or place your order by phone on 0845 230 0046. You will need to register before you can personalise the ecard. We have a brand new website for the 2014 season, if you have used our site in previous years you will need to register again.
How do I choose my ecards?
Click on PREVIEW or BUY NOW from the card gallery to play the ecard.
I can't find a suitable image. Can you help?
If you can't find an ecard to fit your needs, please call us to discuss what you are looking for and we can create a bespoke ecard for you.
Which charities can I support?
You can choose from 60 member charities or from various other good causes listed on our website. 10% of the sales price from each card sold is contributed to the charity you select. If you opt to support more than one charity, the contribution is divided equally between them. If you would like to support another charity not listed, please contact us and we will endeavor to make suitable arrangements. If you represent a charity and would like to work with 4C, please visit www.4charity.org.uk for details of our charity services.
How many cards can I send?
Our ecard system can send up to 5000 ecards at once. If you wish to send to more contacts, please contact us to arrange. You can schedule your ecard to be sent on a date of your choice, or the card will be sent immediately when you have uploaded your contacts and clicked ‘SEND CARD’.
How do I send my card?
To send your greeting, ether add each email address one at a time, or upload in bulk. More contacts can also be added after placing your order. To upload your contacts in bulk, save as a CSV file available from Excel. Save from a three-column spreadsheet in the format Firstname, Surname, Email (NB. the email address must be saved in the third column of your spreadsheet. If Firstname / Surname are not required, leave the first two columns blank). Please see our 'How It Works' page for more information.
What will people see when I send an ecard?
Your contacts will receive an e-mail, from cards@charityecards.co.uk, with your own email address as the ‘reply-to’ address. The email shows a thumbnail preview image and link to your ecard. The ecard is hosted on a personalized, unbranded page on our own website. Our website is optimised for Internet Explorer 10 or greater, Firefox 26 or greater, Safari 6 or greater, Chrome 30 or later. On older browsers, animations will be replaced with a static image. Gold range ecards coded 314 are optimised for playing on Apple mobile devices. Ecards from the other ranges will show a static image when viewed on mobile.
How much will my cards cost?
The price of your order depends on your choice of ecard range and the number of ecards you wish to send. See our Prices page for details.
How can I pay for my order?
You can pay by PayPal or card online using PayPal or we can invoice you.
Will I receive a VAT invoice?
Yes, you will receive an invoice by post.